More About Balance Wines

A good life requires balance: we need the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. So whether you’re celebrating or studious, kicking back or steaming ahead, do it with Balance. Wine for life’s lighter moments.

Balance Classic

Looking for an easy-drinking, fun and fruity wine to sip after a long, hard day? Balance Classic   The Original!

Winemaker’s Selection

Want to flaunt your good taste? Balance Winemaker’s Selection – a superbly balanced single-cultivar range of wines which are a cut above the rest.

Balance Bubbly

Party time? Grab a bottle of Balance Bubbly. These tantalising wines are guaranteed to turn any occasion into a happy celebration.

Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA)

Balance is proud to support the Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) as our corporate social investment initiative.

EHRA is a non-profit organisation whose aim is the peaceful cohabitation of the community with the desert-adapted elephants in Southern Africa.

For every bottle of Balance Classic sold, a contribution goes to fund the EHRA PEACE project, an educational programme, empowering people in Sub-Saharan Africa living with elephants with the information they need to keep themselves, families and livestock safe during elephant visits.

For more information on EHRA, visit their website: