Ultra Value Wine Challenge Results

Looking after consumers. Thesecond set of annual results. The industry wine challenge that assists consumers find the smartest buys for under R100.

The second Ultra Value Wine Challenge attracted continued strong support from a large range of stellar producers. Collectively they entered 500 carefully selected wines that met the strict price category of sub R100 per bottle, VAT included.

Robin von Holdt reviewed the 2016 Challenge: ‘We are delighted with enthusiastic industry support for this key, and growing, category of best-value. Tougher times lie ahead, yet many are keen to enjoy their lifestyle of enjoying good wine. And why not? The value sector is high growth and remains a hugely enticing arena. Bang for buck; outperforming through a combination of quality at very attractive prices, is key’.

The support was contagious and healthy from leading vineyards, big and small producers alike. The lead-up with #Frugalfridayfeasts and #Throwbackthursdays continued to gain media traction.

‘Overall Challenge chair Ginette De Fleuriot had a credible team of nine expert judges. Three panels were chaired by Richard Kershaw MW, Fiona McDonald and JD Pretorius. Their focus and ensuing debates around each wine were thrilling. A significant portion of wines simply did not get through that first, arduous, quality hurdle. Then, the algorithm that took price into account in order to arrive at the value-adjusted final result, saw another substantial number of wines fall aside. Therefore, the victories are really sweet for those wines that cracked the final nod and gained an award, as confirmed by the independent Auditors.

In line with international competitions and to keep an eye on the reputation and prestige of winning an award, under 60% of entered wines, were awarded. Of these, just 7% of wines gained Double Gold Medal awards. Less than 17% gained Gold Medal awards, while a little over 30% gained Silver Medal awards. Awards, without any doubt whatsoever, were very difficult to achieve. They were hard earned, thus deserving the strong recognition and attention that they will receive this year yet again.

Multiple winners included the following producers, each scoring weighty victories in most award categories: 

• Douglas Green Bellingham 31
• Alvi’s Drift Private Cellar 14
• Namaqua Wines 11
• Overhex Wines International 10

Industry comments from top awarded cellars:

Overhex MD Gerhard van der Wath:

‘Overhex Wines International has established itself as a top performer in local and international wine competitions. Performing well at this competition underlines the company’s promise of consistent quality at an affordable price point.’ (10 winning wines.)

Overhex Award-winning Wines:


Balance Winemaker’s Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Balance Winemaker’s Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2016


Balance Classic Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2015
Balance Classic Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016
Balance Winemaker’s Selection Merlot 2015


Balance Winemaker’s Selection Pinot Noir 2015
Balance Winemaker’s Selection Chardonnay 2016
Balance Winemaker’s Selection Pinot Grigio 2016
Balance Winemaker’s Selection Pinotage 2015
Balance Winemaker’s Selection Chenin Blanc 2016
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tell me a bit about the Balance pinotage 2015 .I am presenting it at a blind tasting lunch today
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