Available in South Africa

Balance Classic

Yin and yang … up and down.  Life’s a juggle, and staying ahead means you have to balance a thousand things. Are your scales starting to tip?  Here’s a range of fun and fruity blended wines to celebrate the lighter side of life! Balance Classic is available at Checkers outlets throughout South Africa.

Winemaker’s Selection

Add pleasure and panache to your lifestyle. To create this wine range, our winemaker selects only the most exceptional fruit, grown in prime vineyard blocks. Meticulous vinification results in complex, superbly balanced wines of the finest quality.

Balance Natural Sweet

Our Natural Sweet Range is the playful one of the Range. Light, easy drinking wine for everyday with consistent quality throughout the range and value for money. Everybody wants and deserves Balance.

Balance Bubbly

When it comes to light-hearted enjoyment with real style, Balance Bubbly is simply peerless.

Irresistible aromas to tempt your nose, mischievous bubbles to tickle your taste buds … What are you waiting for? Simply pop the cork and we’re sure you’ll agree: Life’s a feast!

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